Sunday, December 16, 2012

What If?

I read Brennan Mannings memoirs a while back and was saddened that the gospel he so wonderfully subscribed to seemed to lack the power to transform. It was disappointing to see him ending as he is...marriage in crumbles and still so addicted to drink.

If Grace is as powerful as it is presented by Paul and our Master (master as in journeyman not as in slave owner) than surely it has power to transform our vile bodies...

His journey into grace so powerfully influenced my own. But the grace he transcribed to seemed short on delivery for him and saddly for me as well. I still believe it is true and practice grace on myself often but I think he missed appropriating it because of a flawed theology that says we remain brocken even after grace is applied.

If the gospel is really good news it must be transformational. Paul uses the word transfiguration ..."be transfigured by the renewing of your minds."

I have determined that Transfiguration is a process...into Christ likeness and grace is the vehicle. Without grace it is humanly impossible...the bar is set too high!

I have been noticing that all Jesus did every day of his life was raise the bar. In fact his whole ministry was about raising the bar into the realm of impossibility.

Until we get that we will never be ripe for grace.

No we will just keep taking stabs at rightiousness, trying the Bible through 6 times this year, fast 3 months, no maybe 4 months ...why not 6 months this year....pray harder and more often, witness more, love God more, Give more, maybe 20% will get better results.
No wonder the "Grace" message sounds good....and people come up with live and let live concepts of grace and universalism. That is definitely an attractive option...

But what if Grace is better and bigger than we had ever imagined and actually we are no longer brocken and prone to wander. What if we actually are sons of God with access to heaven..

what if????

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